Code of Misconduct

The school has its own set of rules and regulations which are expected from all it’s students to be followed cordially. Students must excel in academics, practice moral values, and be disciplined and punctual. Parents should co-operate to their ward and help them excel. Please read the Code of Misconduct and ensure that your child does not appear against the school ethics. The school has the right to action against any misconduct.

  • Punctuality is appreciated. Students should be in the school on time.
  • Untidyness is not acceptable. Well dressed in uniform, shoes, tie and belts are appreciated.
  • No disobedience with school staff and teachers.
  • Repeated failure in academics.
  • Absence without written application.
  • Disobeying Almanac rules and instructions.
  • Mischievous activities inside and outside the school campus.
  • No bullying and Use of indecent languages.
  • Use of cell phones or any gadget is not permissible.
  • No delay in depositing school fee.
  • Use of unfair means in exams, copying teacher’s signature and manipulating achieved scores is inappropriate.